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Landscape Tie Family

Landscape Tie Family
Landscape Tie Family:
The Landscape Tie Family is made up of the angel, snowman, cowboy, and cow. Also available but not pictured are the bunny, and the honey bear.
All family members are available in 2 sizes: the most popular 24" and 36"
Landscape Tie Angel:
She brings a smile to your face when you look at her
and is the most popular of the Tie Family.
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Photo to come Landscape Tie Bunny:
Bunny is great for Easter and the spring time.
Landscape Tie Honey Bear:
Honey bear is very popular will everyone, he's a great
addition to your front door attracting alot of attention.
Photo to come
Landscape Tie Cowboy:
Always popular with the country crowd is the Cowboy, a charming door greeter with a sign saying "Howdy Pardner."

Landscape Tie Cow:

Every cow has their own unique personality to
welcome you and your friends every time you arrive home.
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Landscape Tie Snowman:
"Frosty Friend Welcome" just melts your heart.
Frosty is great for inside the house and out.

Country Scarecrow:
He is a welcoming addition to your front door,
greeting all your company with a country "Welcome"
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Iron Lady Iron Lady:
She is a definite conversation piece.
All the birds love her, along will all the men.
The sunflower will brighten up your home with Miss Crow standing guard over the sunflower.
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Picture to come
Picture to come Giant Birdhouse:
This is a real show piece. Great for anywhere in the yard
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