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While you wait for him to get back, you can check out some of these links.

Flash Sample - Are you a Canadian, eh?
Flash/Dreamweaver Project - For Practice and Experience. (Don't Worry, Be Happy!)
Flash Shape Tween Sample - Of my name on a transparent background.
Flash Sample - Simple, but effective use of flash for Easter.
Flash Welcome Sample - A sample of Flash for you to use as a guideline for your own.
Table Tutor 4.4 - To Review the in's and out's of Table creation
Form Tutor 4.4 - To Review the in's and out's of Form creation
Frame Tutor - To Review the in's and out's of Frames
The Bear Movie - For after a long day of HTML programming
The Help Desk - Only for people who have been on a help desk before.
Beeper Commercial - We must have chemistry!
Quiz Answers - Web Development course Quiz Answers for Instuctor Only!
Flight 405 - One of the first Online Movies!